XIV. Annual Session of JMUNDP

Welcome to the XIV. annual session of Junior Model United Nations Development Programme. It will be held from 15th to 17th of March, 2019 in Istanbul, Turkey. This year, with the hopes of organizing an astonishing conference, our Executive Board and General Committee of JMUNDP 2019 are getting ready to host more than 750 students. Apply now and become a part of the memorable JMUNDP experience!

A Letter from the Deputy Secretaries General

Dear Participants,

As the Deputy Secretaries-General, it is our absolute pleasure to welcome you to the 1st session of Junior Model United Nations Development Programme, and the 13th session of Junior Model United Nations conferences held in The Koç School.

With our former name being Koç JMUN, The Koç School has been hosting Junior Model UN conferences for over 10 years. Koç JMUN was one of the first and most prestigious Junior MUN conferences in Turkey, with the aim of preparing young delegates for their future MUN careers by familiarizing them with world issues and MUN procedure. After careful consideration, Koç JMUN decidedly went under structural changes and became JMUNDP, integrating the team of middle school and high school conferences to higher the overall quality and making the conference a version of Model United Nations Development Programme for middle school students. Model UNDP is the first conference hosted by The Koç School, with participants from high schools from 8 countries, taking place in The Koç School’s high school building. MUNDP is the only conference in the world that models United Nations Development Programme, while also being an affiliate to The Hague International Model United Nations.

In the first session of our conference under the name of JMUNDP, we have decided to shape our theme around the main elements of UNDP: The 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The idea behind these goals puts forward that governments must adopt the obligation to let go of their reductionist approach by which they divide issues into their component parts and tackle them separately. They should, instead, adopt a more holistic “systems approach” as ecosystems and industrial systems are tightly coupled. The global target of achieving sustainability cannot become a reality unless such obligation is acknowledged.

With our theme being ‘Establishing Partnerships: Promoting the Sustainable Development Goals Around the Globe’, we aim to inform our delegates about the goals and lead them to formulate solutions by shaping our agenda items and therefore debates in line with the SDGs themselves. Each development committee, the UN Security Council and the International Court of Justice are all inspired by and organized according to the SDGs to raise awareness and draw the attention of young delegates to the relevance of the goals to world peace.

We, as the Executive Committee, are delighted to see you all in March to partake in a memorable JMUNDP experience. Lobby, debate, and make sure you can prove that the solutions for the problems at hand have been delayed for no reason after all!

Yours sincerely,
Eylül Göktaş
Kayra Şener

Theme of JMUNDP 2019

Establishing Partnerships:

Promoting the Sustainable Development Goals Around the Globe